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NFTBuzz gamify NFT knowledge to help you navigate the digital art landscape

We empower you with the right tools to protect you, help you grow, and let you be a part of the creative economy.

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What’s BUZZ for?

Interact with NFTBuzz to gain the $BUZZ Token and exchange to real values and other rewards.

Daily Mission
  • Daily Checkin and gain +1 $BUZZ
  • Read 1 news of any categories and gain +2 $BUZZ
  • Learn 1 lesson in AZ Guide and gain +2 $BUZZ
  • Interact with 1 of any Buzz Special’s categories (Light/Dark, poll, blog) and gain +2 $BUZZ
  • Play any 2 games in Learn2Earn and gain +2 $BUZZ
The rewards
Learn2Earn Web3 made easy and fun

Gain free Web3 knowledge by playing games.

Whitelists Shop: Stop the grind

Get a chance to whitelist our NFT collections with xxx $BUZZ.

Free courses and tools access

Unlock our tools features for market insights with xxx $BUZZ.

Our goals

We want to:

  • Bring all stakeholders within the learning community closer
  • Enable direct engagement and seamless value exchange

The $BUZZ token powers the opportunity of a new user interaction with Web3 space by earning through learning experiences and exchange to real values.

It is designed for all stakeholders to engage with our products, connect with other ecosystem participants, and link the with the success of Buzz’s long-term vision.


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